Brands need to show up to an event as a fan and create unique touch points with event-goers.  It’s important that Brands no interrupt the fan experience, but rather insert themselves into the event.  This is exactly what Handago will do, this way your brand becomes a genuine part of the experience.

Create an experience; offer something they need at the event

An effective way of marketing to Millennials is to create a meaningful and memorable experience. Brands that excel in establishing personal relationships with potential customers are more likely to earn loyalty.

Handago will build this relationship, image being in remote location with no access to running water or a place to clean your hands for days. Have you ever wished you could clean your hands at an event but there wasn’t a convenient way to do so? How would you feel about the Brand that brought you this service to your favorite event?

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New Product Excitement: Handago will connect Millennials to your brand, there is nothing like this available until now.

Increase Brand Loyalty: Emotional logic is the single most important business driver.  76% of festivalgoers say they feel more favorable toward brands that sponsor a tour or concert.  NASCAR fans continue to demonstrate the greatest loyalty toward a sponsor’s brand among all sports fans in the US. 7 out of 10 NASCAR fans said they are loyal to a sponsor’s brand when the brand supports their sport.  Effective Marketing is no longer tied to eyeballs but rather an experience.

Marketing to Millennials: Outdoor events are more than a destination for fun; they are a place to make memories.  By integrating your brand into the experience, you can also integrate your brand into the event-goers’ minds.  Millennials in particular, are likely to support brands that stay up to date and participate in popular trends.  Positioning your brand in new and engaging ways will be sure to attract Gen Yers and can potentially earn more paying customers.

Other Events: Not only will Handago be in Music Festivals, our aim will be at many large events across the country. This includes State Fairs, Sporting Events, Food Events and any other event that has high volume attendance.

Change it up: you can create new looks for each event, bringing freshness to your brand. An opportunity for you to introduce new products or offer promotions.