It’s certainly not all about me – I just had the idea.

Kim ParkerShe grew up a hog farmer’s daughter, learned how to work hard and wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty but even as a child she didn’t like dirty hands.

She went on to become an entrepreneur at an early age. She and her husband Brad met while freelancing at a commercial photography studio. They wasted no time to start their own business “Light Storms Photography” that was over 20 years ago with continued success.

One day she thought of and idea and she couldn’t let it rest. Why isn’t there a convenient way to clean our hands in public? All the places this was needed seemed endless. So she dove in and soon understood and appreciated anyone who could bring an idea to fruition. Passion is the fire that kept her going until she finally accomplished what she set out to do. Develop a product that made sense, a solution to a problem.

With years of experience in the Advertising business, she understood the value this could bring to Brands while offering a much-needed service.

Handago was built from the support of family, friends and the many talented people who believed in her idea. Today we can offer you something that has never been available until now!

Growing up on a farm and having many family members in the farming business she supports Farm Aid.